Where Bliss Begins

Who We Are

Blisspot is an Online Personal Development community founded by Deborah Fairfull in 2016. We work to help our members move towards a state of holistic wellness by unlocking their inherent strength and wisdom. We can help you be the best version of yourself and therefore, live your best life.

We have a vibrant and passionate community of members who share their ideas and inspiration through posting questions, blogs and wikis. In the end, we all have the power to make a change for the better and here at Blisspot we can give you tools to be your own hero.

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When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too

~ Paolo Coelho

What We Do

Each of us has a unique and colourful life story that brings its own wealth of experience and knowledge. No matter your age, your background or your beliefs, we can all learn from each other and make the world just a little bit brighter.

Blisspot has articles by experts in the fields of emotional wellness, nutrition, wellness, family and relationships. However it is you, our beautiful members, that make Blisspot what it is—we provide the platform for you to start sharing and contributing to our growing online community.

Going towards light

Our Team

Deborah Fairfull's photo

Deborah Fairfull
Founder and CEO

Deborah was Founder and CEO of Brave Design Group, Eatsmart Food, and now Blisspot. She won the ACT Business Women of the Year and the ACT Chief Minister’s Award for Innovation.

Deborah is committed to the ongoing improvement of our world and as such; founded Blisspot.

Deborah has written the books, Love and Glow. She has studied counselling, psychology and kinesiology is an industry spokesperson and author in Australia and The United States.

Bal DiGhent's photo

Bal DiGhent
Blisspot Advisory Board
Product and Strategy

Bal‘s corporate career includes working for Landcom, Rosecorp, BUPA and Head of Capital and Growth for Quest.

Bal, a passionate entrepreneur, cofounded innerChef a scalable foodtech that achieved Series B stage, highest growth platform backed by Miseltoe, Softbank Japan affiliate. He also created the extremely successful community Cafe DiGhent.

Mentor and investor in India’s top Accelerator GSF India since 2012 and has been part of screening startups.

Suzanne Stretton-Brown's photo

Suzanne Stretton-Brown
Blisspot Advisory Board
Marketing Strategy

Suzanne has worked for studio giants Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures. She was engaged by Universal Pictures in 2007 as Director of Marketing to build the Australian Marketing division.

Suzanne has a track record for creativity and innovation conceiving the 'Digital Agility' education program that keeps the marketing team at the forefront of the digital evolution. It was so successful that in 2016 it was adopted internationally and rolled out across 15 countries.

David Fairfull's photo

David Fairfull
AI, Deep Learning and CTO

David was a Managing Partner of We Are Social, Regional Director APAC for McCann Erickson WorldGroup’s digital business, and Director of The Brave Group.

David is at the leading edge of using AI and Deep Learning to derive communication outcomes and enhancing the user experience to achieve personalised content streams. He is driven by the idea that technology will support better daily decision processes.

David is passionate about the role technology has to improve communication.

Team Members Photo

How We Do It

Blisspot’s incredible vision is driven by our team of passionate professionals, dedicated to bringing you the latest in personal growth and wellbeing. We have a beautiful and diverse group of employees from all over the world and we are proud of and celebrate our global culture. We are always pursuing opportunities to grow as a team and have fostered a culture of iterative learning and innovation to ensure we are bringing you the best of what the world has to offer.

How you can get involved

At Blisspot we believe that wisdom can come from anywhere. We have many in-house experts in the areas of health and well-being who contribute to our community such as counsellors, psychologists, kinesiologists and natural therapists.

However, we’d love to hear from you! You may be raising children, studying, working or even travelling and have something to share with our broad base of users. We‘d love you to share your ideas and tell us what inspires you; help us to make a transformational difference to someone who may be facing a similar challenge. In the end, this is exactly what Blisspot aims to do, bring people together and help them help each other and find their little spot of bliss.