Our Mission

To nourish and support emotional and physical well-being

You can make a difference

Live your best life

The Blisspot Community shares ideas and teachings to help people to live their best life. Life can be challenging and sometimes it is easy to feel alone. With fresh input and a little support it is often possible to get back on track or even feel better than ever

The wisdom of the community

At Blisspot we believe that wisdom can come from anywhere. You may be raising children, have been through a divorce or have found inner peace. Chances are you've learnt a lot on the way.

By sharing your experience and stories, you can help other people facing similar situations. We believe, as a collective, anything is possible, however the journey begins with ourselves.

When we feel peaceful within, this can radiate outwards, positively affecting our family, our friends, our community and our nation. Ultimately it is possible to create a peaceful world.

The power of
The Collective

We are all leaders on this journey and that is true empowerment. Emergence is where fish swim as a school and birds fly as a flock. They instinctively move in formation without a leader.

Humanity is evolving by learning to be more in tune individually and with each other, allowing the true power of the collective to emerge.

Blisspot is for the people, by the people, supporting each other in a life-enhancing and harmonious way.

Deborah is committed to the ongoing improvement of the world we live in and as such; founded Blisspot. Blisspot transforms everyday lives through encouragement, sharing, education, inspiration and connection.

Deborah has written Bliss Every Day, Love Now and Glow while you Grow eCourses. She is a qualified kinesiologist, with a background in counselling, psychology. Deborah is an enthusiastic and award winning entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Brave Design Group and Eatsmart Food, she won the ACT Business Women of the Year and the ACT Chief Minister's Award for Innovation.

Deborah enjoys success as an industry spokesperson and author. She is an avid speaker, blogger and radio show guest in Australia and The United States. Devoted to her family; Deborah is passionate about creating relationships and raising children in a positive and conscious way.

David has 20+ years experience working in and leading marketing agencies and technology businesses. This includes Managing Partner with We Are Social, the world's largest independent social agency, Regional Director for McCann Erickson Worldgroup's digital agency, Zentropy Partners, and CEO of scrmhub which is focused on using Deep Learning to shift the way data is used to inform marketing strategy.

He has an incredible passion for creating innovative technology, so he is really excited by the opportunity to use technology to bring the world together and start a conversation about the big every day challenges, that get in the way of people having an amazing life.